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The .zip files are working again!!

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Welcome to my homepage devoted to the best 3D-shooter ever to be made. DooM 2 has noone better, and noone equal (except Wolfenstein 3D).

Wads for download so far: 13

On this page, I'll have links, wads and a small piece of DooM's story. But if you're looking for DooM-levels made by yours truly, I'm sorry I have to dissapoint you...... so far!!!! But I've downloaded DooMCAD 5.1 and now I've finished the tutorial for beginners!! I can make doors and stairs now!! Isn't that great? So, you'll probably see my first wad here by the next week!! But It's gonna be shitty!! That's a fact!!

But if you're a wad-maker yourself, and you don't have a clue at homepage-making, maybe we can team up! You make the wads, and I'll publish 'em! Just email me and I'll see what I can do!

I'll quit babbling now, and let you get on your way. Just use the tiny little frame on the bottom of this page to navigate! Take care now, bye-bye then!

Most of the animated gifs on my page has been made by the great Mr. DooM. Thanx Mr. DooM for letting me use some of his creations!!
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