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When DooM shareware was first released on University of Wiscontin's ftp site december 10 1993, it started a riot amongst PC gamers!

Id software had allready given the gamers a taste for 3D blasting with Wolfenstein 3D in May 1992. People were amased at the 'realistic' 3D in the Kick-some-nazi-ass game. But just when they thought things just couldn't be better, they did!

This is one of the pre-release pictures of DooM. It contains elements in DooM never released by id in the shareware versions of DooM. This picture along with eight others were released Febuary 28. 1993 by id software!

You can download the slide-show here! It's kinda funny to look at, because they seem to have planned that you meet DooM-marines in this game. If they are to kill or if they are there to help you, I don't know, but they're there, dude!

There is a text file included as well! Here is a small excerpt from the text that tells you your mission! You'll understand why they call the first episode of DooM 'Knee Dead in the Dead' if you read this one!!!

	In DOOM, you play one of four off-duty soldiers suddenly thrown
	into the middle of an interdimensional war!  Stationed at a
	scientific research facility, your days are filled with tedium
	and paperwork.  Today is a bit different.  Wave after wave of
	demonic creatures are spreading through the base, killing or
	possessing everyone in sight.  As you stand knee-deep in the
	dead, your duty seems clear-you must eradicate the enemy and
	find out where they're coming from.  When you find out the
	truth, your sense of reality may be shattered!

To tell you the truth, the DooM hype started a little earlier than the official DooM shareware release. You see, in August 1993, there was an unauthorized beta-release available on the Web. I haven't had the pleasure myself, but Those who have says that "The technic and the mood of the game show something unbelievable, it was so real." That's when the hype really started!

When it was uploaded to The University of Wisconsin's ftp site the night before december 10 1993, the system totally and utterly crashed twice because of the immense traffic! DooM was finally here! And what a DooM it was!

Technically this was the most impressive game ever to be made! No company in the world, not even the famed Origin could match the likes of DooM's 3D engine! This was also the first game on the PC to have network compatability. Allthough not many people had the chance to frag eachother at that time, DooM got rid of that problem quickly! Because of the populaity of the game, more people got networks, and it got more common!

After DooM followed a whole bunch of clones not worth mentioning. And then DooM || came out! The object of this page! Exactely 10 months after the release of DooM shareware, october 10. 1994 (deliberately?), It was released. Allthough it featured the same engine, the same monsters and the same sprites. It had one new weapon, and there was something else that was new about this release as well. Did anybody notice the way you sometimes had to run over a ledge to get to a secret area, or the way sometimes you had to run even to get further in the game anyway??? Well, that was new with the second release! The design of the levels themselves was more advanced and more 3D-like than its predecessor!

Well, my story about ends here! Now, go enjoy the rest of my page.

But hang on!!! If you want to try out all the alphas and the pre-beta release, then go to Older DooM versions homepage to get them! I've tried them all, and they look kinda funny, if you ask me!!!